Long Term Stock Investing

How to invest in stocks for the long term

Before you buy a stock...

The best advice for successful long-term investing is to ensure yourself that you’re prepared before buying a stock! All the successful investors like Warren Buffett have build their skills by gradually learning over time and by reading.

Check list before investing:

1. Ensure you have the right mindset and understand the basics about investing and businesses (chapters 8 and 20 from the Intelligent Investor and the first 2 blog articles)
2. Ask yourself if you have the right behavior to make your own decisions and to still sleep well when your money is invested
3. Start with a small amount (you should never invest all your money at once, especially not when starting) in an S&P 500 ETF and a very good business at a reasonable price (this will allow you to test your behavior)
4. Make sure that you do not need the money in the next 5-10 years or more and that you have enough cash to cover 3-6 months (or more depending on your situation) of expenses
5. Pay-off high interest debt first! This is the most certain investment
6. Have reasonable expectation and try to learn over time
7. Be honest about your own skills: which companies do you understand and how certain are you about the future cash flows? Do you understand the moat or competitive advantage of the business?


Coca-Cola Long-Term Success Example

How to invest long term

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