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How to value a stock using DCF

How to value a stock using a DCF

Determining the stock value is most accurate when using a DCF analysis. The method is rather simple, but the reasoning behind the assumptions is crucial to avoid investing mistakes. In this article we look at how to perform a DCF analysis and what factors to think about when valuing a stock.

How Warren Buffett Invests

How Warren Buffett Invests in stocks

Warren Buffett gave many insights about how he invests in stocks over the years. In the previous article we discussed the investing philosophy and investing principles of Warren Buffett. This article looks at how Warren Buffett invests in stocks by explaining his investment criteria for good businesses. Warren Buffett uses four criteria to determine if …

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How to invest in stocks - Investing principles of Warren Buffett

The Investing Principles of Warren Buffett

Understanding the fundamental investing principles of Warren Buffett will help you to better understand the investing process. This article will present the four principles that are recommended by Warren Buffett. Organizing your investment thoughts around these four principles will help in achieving satisfactory investment results. Furthermore, understanding these four fundamentals will help you to better control your emotions and develop the right investing philosophy.