best stocks to buy

The Best Stocks to Buy

The best stocks to buy during (and after) recessions are nearing appealing prices. We will cover many businesses and the latest market moves of Warren Buffett to see how you can take advantage of the current situation.

Best business of Warren Buffett

The Best Business According to Warren Buffett

What is the best business according to Warren Buffett? A business that has the highest rate of return on tangible capital over time. This requires characteristics that will be discussed in this article. Finding such a business can greatly increase your investment returns over time.

EBITDA versus Free Cash Flow

EBITDA versus Free Cash Flow Examples

Previously we explained Warren Buffett’s Owner Earnings which focuses on the free cash flow. EBITDA can give a dangerous perspective of the financial health of a company. In this article we look at a couple of examples of businesses to see if they generate cash. Multiple sources are used to explain this crucial factor for correctly assessing the financial health of a company.

Stock valuation: The P/E multiple

Stock Valuation: The P/E Multiple

The P/E multiple is often used for stock valuation. This is understandable, as it is relatively easy to use to screen for a potential investment. However, a good understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of multiples is vital before you buy a company solely based on its P/E ratio.

How to invest in stocks - Investing principles of Warren Buffett

The Investing Principles of Warren Buffett

Understanding the fundamental investing principles of Warren Buffett will help you to better understand the investing process. This article will present the four principles that are recommended by Warren Buffett. Organizing your investment thoughts around these four principles will help in achieving satisfactory investment results. Furthermore, understanding these four fundamentals will help you to better control your emotions and develop the right investing philosophy.